Project launch with University of Agricultural Sciences – GKVK, Bengaluru

We are glad to announce the start of two new projects in collaboration with University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru in the areas of pest management & Mutation breeding. One project is ‘Surveillance of Fall armyworm (FAW) in Karnataka and its susceptibility against different insecticides’. FAW, a deadly insect pest which infects crops leading to reduced productivity and economic losses to farmers. The aim is to device strategies to regulate the use of insecticide against FAW.

The other project is on ‘Generation of homogenous hermaphrodite pointed gourd (Parwal) lines and their agronomic evaluation in field conditions. This project aims to increase the parwal production using mutation breeding technique and indirectly support small farmers.

The core goal of this collaboration is to develop focused research programs to address the specific constraints related to crop improvement and pest/disease management.

The project launch happened in presence of Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Director, TIGS. Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, Vice Chancellor, UAS-GKVK, Dr. Suresh Subramani, Former Director, TIGS and other senior scientists from TIGS and UAS – GKVK