जीनोमिक्स कंसोर्टियम पर काम करने वाले वरिष्ठ वैज्ञानिक डॉ. राकेश मिश्रा

Dr. Rakesh Mishra speaks to Hindi Milap on the current pandemic situation, anxieties among the public and the need to tackle with fake news, the status on covid-19 variants and vaccines, importance of genome sequencing, efforts of the scientific community to mitigate the pandemic and a lot more….

Read here: http://webmilap.com/index.php?edn=Hindi%20Milap&date=2022-02-20&edid=HINDIMIL_HIN&pn=7#Article/HINDIMIL_HIN_20220220_7_1/600px/1541C43