Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange Program Organised by Echo Network along with TIGS and others

TIGS along with Echo network and Nordic Centre in India host the senior and junior ambassadors of during the 2 day summit of the Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange (SAGE) Program. The participants had engaging and interactive sessions with our scientists and got to visit our research facilities and interact with their teams to know about the work we do and why we do it.

Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Director, TIGS gave an overview about TIGS and how we choose problems and address them using cutting edge science and technology. Dr. V S Sresty Tavva, Principal Scientist, TIGS gave an overview on the Crop Improvement program at TIGS; the approach we use to make pest and disease resilient rice varieties.

Dr. Shivranjani Moharir. Senior Scientist, TIGS gave an overview on wastewater and air surveillance for Public Health along with approaches to tackle and address Anti Microbial Resistance. Dr. Mansi Malik, Scientist, TIGS highlighted on clinical surveillance of various infectious & vector borne diseases and the need to develop affordable & accessible diagnostics.

Dr. Saveetha Meganathan, Senior Scientist, TIGS gave an overview on Community engagement and why is it important to engage with stakeholders to have maximum impact of science on society. This was followed by an interactive session where students came up with ideas on topics such as AMR, pandemics, agriculture etc.

Later on the participants got to visit and interact with the teams of various facilities; Insectary, Greenhouse and NCBS Research Collections facilities to learn about the work being done and the importance of such facilities in research.