TIGS scientists present their work at International conference on Genetics and Genomics in Health and Diseases

Scientists from TIGS presented their work at the recently concluded 8th Annual international conference ‘Genetics and Genomics in Health and Disease‘ organised by the Board of Genetic Counseling India and University of Hyderabad, 7th to 9th July 2023.

Dr. Vasanth Thamodaran, Senior Scientist, TIGS presented his work on Human Pluripotent stem cell model to study Pompe’s disease during the session on ‘Genetic Testing and Counselling for Rare and Common Diseases’.

Dr. Saveetha Meganathan, Senior Scientist, TIGS gave a talk on Practical Ethics and Clinical Genetics in the context of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations during the session on Psychosocial Ethical and Legal issues in Genetics and Genomics.

Dr. Gayatri Iyer, Scientist at TIGS and a certified Genetic counsellor was part of organising team and the scientific committee for the conference. Many key insights were shared with a focus on Rare Genetic Diseases at the event.