Anand T and team win MIT’s COVID19 Challenge

We congratulate Dr Anand T, member of the Stem Cell Research Group at TIGS, whose team (named Challengers E-006) was chosen as one of three winners in the MIT COVID19 Hackathon 2020, in the track focused on Sustaining Primary Health Care Services in Africa Throughout the Crisis.The challenge, held from 1 to 3 May with 2350+ participant applications from 100+ countries, was the third in a series of virtual hackathons held by MIT and had the theme ‘Africa takes on COVID-19.’ Anand’s team worked on the problem “Travel to clinics by chronic patients increase risk of COVID-19 without change of medication” and established solutions by enabling contact list interaction and eliminating travel for patients with chronic disease in South Africa.03 June 2020 Update:

Anand T and team win a second time at MIT’s COVID19 Challenge

In the fifth installment of the MIT COVID19 Challenge, Beat the Pandemic II, held from 29-31 May, Dr Anand T, along with team Green Joy, won the track focused on ‘Well-Being: Adapting to the New Normal’. The team worked on solutions for fostering the emotional and mental well-being of people in a global pandemic, a problem faced by 1 in 3 persons worldwide now. Their solution was to have users engaged in gardening as a gamified experience, get people connected with those in their community, and have them compete on a leader board.