TIGS webinar: Hematological Disorders: Therapeutics and Disease Modelling

Webinar recording

19 April 2022, 3 pm IST

According to the National Health Mission India, 7% of the world’s population has an abnormal manifestation in hemoglobin with 70% of it constituting sickle cell anemia. In India, sickle cell anemia has a high prevalence, reaching up to 48% in certain indigenous (Adivasi) communities. Access to diagnosis and treatment for the afflicted population has been a challenge, thereby increasing their vulnerability and impacting their health. Therapeutic options to manage blood disorders ranges from administrating therapeutic drugs to gene therapy. However, not all patients respond to treatment equally and disease models can offer insights on varying disease pathogenesis that can enable the development of better treatment/therapeutic options.


1. Dr. Dipty Jain, Retd. Professor and HOD, Department of Paediatrics, Government Medical College, Nagpur. Nodal Officer, CSIR Sickle Cell Mission Mode Project – Sickle Cell Anaemia in India – A Clinician’s Perspective

2. Dr. R V Shaji, Professor, Department of Haemotology, Christian Medical College, Vellore Adjunct scientist, Centre for Stem cell Research (a unit of InStem) – Stem Cell Models to Study Hematological Disorders

TIGS Factsheet on Hemoglobinopathies