Brainstorming session on ‘Application of mRNA platform for Rare Gentic Disorders’

A brainstorming meeting on the ‘Application of mRNA platform for raregenetic disorders’ was organised in Delhi by Ashoka University, Tata Institute for Genetics and Society and World Without GNE Myopathy. It was attended by scientists, pharma companies and members of patient advocacy group involved in various aspects of mRNA therapy, and representatives from Department of Biotechnology

Discussions were held on Challenges for developing rare disease treatments, Designing mRNAs, Delivery systems and issues with Preclinical and clinical development of mRNA therapies.

We are grateful for the active participation by various stakeholders and intend to come up with a comprehensive roadmap for development and indigenization of these lifesaving technologies in India.

The following attended the sessions and gave valuable insights on how mRNA platforms can help in addressing the needs of rare disease patients in India

  • Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Director TIGS India
  • Dr. Alok Bhattacharya, Professor of Biology, Ashoka University
  • Dr. Saveetha Meganathan. Senior Scientist, TIGS India
  • Dr. L S Sashidhara, Visiting Professor, Ashoka University
  • Dr. Bhagyashree Kaduskar, Scientist, TIGS India
  • Dr. Basudev Maji, Assistant Professor of Biology, Ashoka University
  • Dr. Rajesh Iyer, Scientist, TIGS India
  • Dr. Vinay Nandicoori, Director, CSIR-CCMB
  • Dr. Sanjay Singh, CEO, Gennova Bio
  • Dr. Madhusudhana Rao, CEO, AIC-CCMB
  • Dr. Ajay Singh, Assistant General Manager, Gennova Bio
  • Dr. Srujan Marepally, Scientist, CMC Vellore
  • Dr. Swarnendu Kaviraj, Scientist, Gennova Bio
  • Dr. Sandhya Shenoy, Scientist F, DBT India