Iliyas Rashid


Iliyas Rashid


  • Ph.D. Biotechnology (Computational Genomics), ICAR-NBFGR and AMITY University, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2018
  • M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 2006


  • Visiting Scholar in Vector Genetics Lab, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis, California, USA, 2019-2021
  • Bioinformatics Research Associate/Fellow, Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin), ICAR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (NBFGR), Lucknow, India, 2015-2019
  • Bioinformatics Research Associate, Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG) project, ICAR- NBFGR, Lucknow, India, 2010-2014
  • Software Engineer at SRM Techsol, Lucknow, India, 2008
  • Bioinformatics Programmer at Asenterra Systems, Chennai, India, 2006-2008


  • Bioinformatics programming, Database development, Genome-wide analysis, NGS data handling and analysis, Population genetics, Differential gene expression analysis

Areas of interest

Population genomics, Rare genetic diseases, Viral genomics

Selected Publications

  • Rashid I, Baisvar VS, Singh M, et al. (2020) Isolation and characterization of hypoxia inducible heme oxygenase 1 (HMOX1) gene in Labeo rohita. Genomics, 112(3):2327-2333.
  • Rashid I, Pathak AK, Kumar R, Srivastava P et. al. (2019) Genome-Wide Comparative Analysis of HIF Binding Sites in Cyprinus Carpio for In Silico Identification of Functional Hypoxia Response Elements. Frontiers in Genetics, 10:659.
  • Rashid I, Baisvar VS, Singh M, Srivastava P et al. (2019) Isolation and characterization of renowned hypoxia inducible gene connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) in Labeo rohita. Molecular Biology Reports, 46(2):1683-1691.
  • Pathak AK, Rashid I, Nagpure NS, et al. (2019) FisOmics: A portal of fish genomic resources. Genomics 111(6):1923-1928.
  • Baig MH, Rashid I, Ahmad K et al. (2019) NeuroMuscleDB: A Database of genes associated with Muscle development, Neuro-muscular diseases, Ageing and Neurodegeneration. Molecular Neurobiology, 56(8):5835-5843.
  • Khatoon A, Rashid I, Shaikh S et al. (2018) ADNCD: a compendious database on anti-diabetic natural compounds focusing on mechanism of action. 3 Biotech, 8:361.
  • Rashid I, Nagpure NS, Srivastava P, Kumar R et al. (2017) HRGFish: A database of hypoxia responsive genes in fishes. Scientific Reports, 7:42346.
  • Nagpure NS, Pathak AK, Pati R, Rashid I et al. (2016) Fish Karyome version 2.1: a chromosome database of fishes and other aquatic organisms. Database, 15: 2016.
  • Nagpure NS, Rashid I, Pathak AK, Singh M et al. (2015) FMiR: A Curated Resource of Mitochondrial DNA Information for Fish. PLoSOne, 10(8):e0136711.
  • Nagpure NS, Rashid I, Pathak AK et al. (2015) In silico analysis of SSRs in mitochondrial genomes of fishes. Mitochondrial DNA, 26(2):195-201.
  • Nagpure NS, Rashid I, Pati R et al. (2013) FishMicrosat: a microsatellite database of commercially important fishes and shellfishes of the Indian subcontinent. BMC Genomics. 14: 630.